Bach Prelude and Fugue in A major

A major is a very suitable key for a sunny morning! I can’t remember when I originally learnt this; possibly 10 – 15 years ago. Revisiting in a very damp and grey Autumn, 2019, the A above Middle C started sticking on my piano. It wasn’t completely impossible to play, just rather annoying. Fortunately, the wonderful Paul from Piano Restorations came along to fix it and after ten minutes and the application of something like WD40 to the action – it wasn’t WD40, so don’t try this on your piano! – all was working again. Piano Restorations Ltd carried out the reconditioning of my piano three years ago; it was very painful to be without it for four months but so worth it when it came back! Sadly the sound doesn’t really come across on these recordings, possibly due to my recording equipment – a tablet. The A major prelude is another 3 part invention; the fugue begins with a single A (the one that was sticking), launching into a quaver theme that later develops into semiquaver passages.