Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

I moved to Northumberland in the summer of 2020, having wound up my piano teaching practice in South London. I didn’t expect my final lessons to be conducted via Zoom, but this was the reality in the time of Covid-19. This website first appeared in 2008; the photographs were taken in St George’s Church, Beckenham, where I was a member of the Church Choir for many years, and where I also played in several concerts.

The Bach recording project started in November 2017; I completed Book 1 of the Well Tempered Clavier in May 2020 and will record Book 2 at some point in the future. In the new Practising section I will be reflecting on how I practise and sharing, honestly, some of the highs and lows. This will not be a ‘how-to’ guide; for more helpful articles on practice and other aspects of piano playing, please see the Notes, which are written for piano students and their parents.

I hope you find something of interest here, and please do contact me via the contact form if you would like to comment, or discuss any of the points raised.